7 Moves To Spice Up Forelpay

7 Moves To Spice Up Forelpay

Picture this, you’re lying on the beach with your lover, there are plenty of people around, you’re happy in each other’s company. 

Then, they innocently run their fingers down your lower back and suddenly your legs want to divorce. 

It makes no sense why the act is so hot, a wandering finger on your lower back? Surely that cannot provoke big emotions. 

And yet it does. Welcome to erogenous zones. 

These sweet little spots on your body are something of a mystery and can be completely unique for everyone - which makes finding them all part of the fun. 

But what the heck are they? 

Defined as parts of the body that excite sexual feelings when touched or stimulated, erogenous zones can be anything from your toes to your tongue and cause nuclear emotions. 

So, if you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom or make the most of those lusty foreplay moments, here are a few spots you can test out you or your partner can test out on each other.

1. Neck 

The irony about this zone is that any kissing, licking, sucking, light touching or choking that occurs feels like heaven, but actually has you wanting to take a trip to sin city. 

It feels pretty natural to sneak a smooch on the front or nape of the neck but just between us gals, the back of the neck is also a very pleasurable place. 


2. Inner thigh 

If you’ve ever read a Cosmopolitan “how to give oral” article, chances are you’ve heard of the old inner thigh caress, but if you haven’t here’s the d-low. 

Since it’s super close to the genitals, it’s a no-brainer that it provokes some eye rolling reactions. Try gently blowing, licking or running your fingers around the area for stimulation before you move onto the main event. 


3. Lower back 

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, lower back caresses will cause your legs to divorce, and by divorce, I mean spread. 

The delicate area is a perfect place to kiss or run your fingers across. And if you’re feeling adventurous you can even try some ice play. 


4. Belly button

While we’re on the topic of temperature play, the belly button is a fun place to drop an ice cube or skin friendly wax. 

But if that’s not your journey, the sensitive nerves around the area are fun to warm up with kisses or feathery touches before you head further south. 


5. Ears 

Ever wondered why a kiss or gentle tongue caress on your ear feels amazing? Yup, you guessed it, it’s because it’s an erogenous zone. 

But if you’re not into exploring each other’s ears, whispering sweet nothings or taking a trip down dirty talk lane also works wonders when it comes to hot foreplay moments. 


 6. Nipples 

I know, hello Captain obvious. But these baby’s do deserve a shout out. Some chicks can literally hit the big-o from nip play so we need to let them have their moment. 

Spark some pleasurable feels by lightly sucking, blowing, nibbling and/or flicking. Then, if you need something a bit more forceful you can bring in toys like nipple clamps. 


7. Clitoris

We saved the best until last and for good reason. This spot can be the most under appreciated erogenous zone which is a tragedy we simply cannot ignore. 

With thousands of nerve endings, its entire purpose is for pleasure so, don’t ignore her. Experiment with tongue, fingers or sex toys and babe, don’t forget the lube. 


- By Lillie Rohan

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