Squirting 101

Squirting 101 with Morgan Penn, Sexologist

Let’s talk about the punani tsunami

Commonly known as female ejaculation or squirting, the almighty act happens during a pleasurable experience when a vulva owner quite literally gushes (a little, or a lot of) fluid from within and or around their vagina…

And before you ask, no, it’s not pee.

While it’s a completely natural act, it doesn’t always occur easily so if you’re having a bit of trouble or simply curious, here is Morgan Penn’s guide to squirting.

It’s just like a sexual applause.

Firstly, what exactly is squirt? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not pee, and it’s not an orgasm. The clear, odourless fluid expelled during squirting comes from the urethral tube and surrounding “sponge”. This is due to the erectile and glandular tissues in the area, which can build up with and expel fluid after a rush of blood in the area, creating engorgement.

But that sounds overwhelming, so in basic terms, you being turned on = blood rush to your urethral glands = fluid build up = squirt.

Connect with your yoni

If you’re new to connecting with your yoni, Morgan suggests getting out a mirror and placing it between your legs to become more familiar with your vulva. Have a look at all the nooks and crannies and note how touching different areas creates different sensations. 

Get comfortable

Now that you’re familiar with your yoni, it’s time to get comfortable! 

This is a great time to release any tension you have in your body. 

  • Have a shake out of your limbs, go to the toilet, take some deep breaths.

For physical comfort

  • Light some candles around your room, lay down a towel or mink, have massage oil and lube handy, and any toys you would like to use eg. Missy Mini, a dildo, etc..

Try a comfortable position 

  • Standing with one leg up (as if you were going to insert a tampon)
  • Lying down flat on your back with your legs bent up 
  • Squatting with your legs spread apart 
  • Sit on your knees and lean on something like your bed

Warm up your body

This is a super important step and not one you can rush. You really want to warm up your body and create arousal as it will help prevent any pain, soreness or injury when you perform the following steps.

Aim for approximately 20 to 40 minutes of warm-up, as this is the amount
of time it takes for your vagina to fully engorge.  

Start by focusing on your erogenous zones, e.g. Your neck, around your ears, your nipples.  

Then go downstairs. Massage your inner thighs before moving onto long strokes around your outer labia followed by gentle strokes or stretches on your inner labia.

Locate your G-spot

(this can be a great time to use your mirror)

Before going internal ask your Yoni for consent - remember it’s all about feeling safe and comfortable. 

  1. Use the tip of your middle finger and lightly draw circles around the opening of your vagina
  2. Slowly push your middle finger inside your vagina until it reaches your first knuckle
  3. Push your finger up towards your abdomen until you feel the fleshy, rigid part
  4. When you locate your g area begin massaging the area

If you aren’t a hundo on where or what exactly you should be touching, don’t worry, girl, we’ve got you!

Stimulate your G-spot

  1. Lube up to prevent pain, soreness or injury
  2. If you feel comfortable, place your ring finger inside your vagina additional to your middle finger and begin moving them in a circular clockwise motion
  3. Use your last and index fingers to stimulate your outer labia 
  4. Push your knuckles against your perineal sponge (this is the piece of skin between your anus and vaginal opening)

As you become more aroused you will notice your vulva starting to puff up and get bigger. This is because blood is rushing to the area which will help create the ejaculation fluid.

Get excited!

Listen to your body

  1. Once you know what rhythm and hand movements feel good for you, find a position that feels comfortable (tilt your hips, move side to side, up and down, allow yourself to get a bit weird and wild)
  2. If you feel the pressure building up and want to focus on your g-spot/crest, do it
  3. If you feel like you want to pee, begin to push down with your pelvic floor muscles 

It can be hard to squirt when there are toys or fingers in the vagina, so it’s a fine art figuring out when to pull out. It’s all about trusting your body at this point.

Am I done?

If you’re unsure if you’ve squirted - you probably haven’t. 

If you’ve got more lubrication than normal and it felt really good, you probably did. 

And if you can hear the splashy splosh, and you can definitely feel it getting all juicy up there, it means you are very close, so at that point, keep going.

I squirted! Now what?

Aftercare is important after a session like this as it can be a really intense experience for your body.

A good way to ground yourself is by putting a hand on your heart and a hand over your vulva in a cup-like shape at the same time, taking a breath and thinking about the experience you just had.

Reconnect with yourself.

For more squirting tips follow


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