GIRLS GET OFF are on a mission to empower women in all things pleasurable, removing the stigma or taboo that comes with talking about (and making the most of!) getting off. We're all about riding that O Train and helping other women to do it too, minus the seedy sex shops that seem to be designed with only men's pleasure in mind.

We believe the shame needs to be taken out of female masturbation (like, who the heck made it feel shameful to admit to anyway?) and that there’s no greater awakening than getting to know yourself inside and out. 

We always, always, always get real life women to test out our products. It’s only when they (and we) report back in perfect unanimous agreement that it’s the holy trinity of triplegasms that it makes it into our store. We believe being picky af takes the guesswork out of sex toys for any girl shopping, making it easy to choose the goods.

Let's take back orgasms girls! Again. And again.



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