Confessions Of A Flirtaholic

Confessions Of A Flirtaholic

"So you're Lillie? The tease."

My mum is a natural flirt. She always has been. She has big dick energy to the point where she gets in trouble daily because she's caused a room full of people to swoon over her.

It's modern-day witchcraft.  

Everyone she speaks to, whether man or woman, is quickly put under her charming spell and growing up, I not only admired her craft but picked up a few tricks, so on Saturday night, when I met a friend of a friend and he immediately called me out for being a tease it was an achievement like no other.

See, us chicks often downplay our skills, especially flirting, because society historically didn't like women to have all that large and in charge energy, but it's 2022, and if the "one thing about me" trend on Tik Tok has taught us anything, it's to say sayonara to anyone who threatens to ruin your hot girl vibe.  

And since my reputation of being a flirty tease has preceded me, it's only fitting I confess what exactly it is I froth so much about being a flirt.  

Call me a narcissist, a red flag or if you're going through a bit of a sexy and single-stage yourself, an absolute G, but there is nothing in the world I love more than flirty banter with a lad.

Hair twirl? Check. Girly giggle? Check. Strategic arm stoke? Check. The energy one eludes mid flirt could possibly rival a Big O. It's like entering another world where you're not only the main character but the Oscar winner, and how could you not like that?

I absolutely thrive off making someone feel like they are the only person in the room. Their face lights up, they loosen up, start to get a little playful. You get to see a side of them not everyone has the pleasure of seeing.  

Meanwhile, all those happy, feel-good chemicals in your brain are popping off, having their own living la Vida Loca party while you're getting to know someone you might live sexily ever after with.

It's a massive win for everyone.

If you're new to the game of love and sexy magic and the thought of sitting across from someone and sexily biting your lip is causing you to hyperventilate, stress not, young one.

You're a total catch, and thanks to my flirting genius mother, I've got a couple of hot tips to help you live your best minx in the street's life.

Being a good flirt is all about dripping in confidence, baby. I know, what a cop-out, but it really is the truth. No flirting move will work if you're acting like an eight-year-old asking their mum if their friend can stay over.

You have to channel your large and in charge energy, become your sexy alter-ego and believe you are the hottest person in the room - because you are. Trust me embodying this energy will have people lining up just to catch a glimpse of you.  

And while you're dripping in this confidence, forget the word "sorry".

During my years of flirting and reading dozens of sealed section articles, I've realised some people expect you to apologise or feel shameful about your actions.

Honestly, I've never understood it. As long as you aren't crossing a line - like leading on the poor sausage who is utterly obsessed with you, it's all a bit of fun at the end of the day.

The main thing to note about flirting is it's about as natural as sexy time itself, so start small and let your instincts guide you. You'll soon learn what works for you and what makes you feel like an absolute Goddess.

And if you ever find yourself cringing at your efforts, just remember this hot girl mantra, embarrassment is temporary, but hotness is forever. 

— By Lille Rohan

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