2 Weeks Of Self Care Challenge

2 Weeks Of Self Care Challenge

New Year has come and gone and your resolutions probably have too. 

I don’t know about you queens, but mid January is usually the time in my life where I sit and have a sook about what a natural born loser I can be. 

Having made at least three unattainable resolutions like: 

  1. Make sure my legs are always shaved, moisturised and softer than a baby’s butt at all times
  2. Do not go back to *that* Fboy 
  3. Do pilates 5 times a week 

I’ve reached the point of the month where I’ve realised those decisions are simply not my journey and were in fact the journey of someone who tried to stay positive when she was deathly hungover on New Years Day. 

But that’s enough doom and gloom, because today, we are talking about the 2 week self care challenge. 

Why? Well, you might have the post vacay blues and have already cried over the boy you promised your friends you wouldn’t go back to, but it’s not too late to turn January around. 

So, instead of having a menty b about your unavoidable failures, hit reset with this GGOified 2 week self care challenge: 


1. Practice positive affirmations

Take a page out of Miley’s book and blast Flowers at full volume. I can take myself dancing, I can hold my own hand, I can love me better than you can. 


2. Grab your vibe 

Some lad lifted the lid on post-nut clarity last year and it got me thinking. The only way to avoid seeing *that* Fboy is if you get yourself off before they even get the chance. Then you’ll realise you don’t actually want to see him, you were just horny.


3. Put on your feel good outfit 

Post Chrissy and NY when you’ve eaten your parents' entire pantry, it can be tough to lean into your hot girl mentality, so grab the outfit that makes you feel fab and flaunt it.


4. Say no

If one of your reso’s was to save money, practice saying no to your bestie’s boujee dinner suggestion. Get wholesome and grab fish and chips to eat on the beach. It’s summer after all. 


5. Read Sunday confessions 

Need ideas to spice up your sex life? Want to take your mind off the Sunday scaries? Need to be entertained by other people's good/bad/hilarious sex decisions for a min? Girl, we got you. Go to the GGO IG page every Sunday.


6. Get sexting 

If you have a SO or FWB, take a shot at sexting. It’s not only fun but helps you say what you want in the bedroom if you are too shy to say it in person. And if you don’t have anyone to sext, try reading something smutty. It works wonders. 


7. Surprise yourself 

Go for a beach walk, FaceTime your emotional support ex-boyfriend, listen to DnB for the whole day. Whatever you do, surprise yourself.


8. Sneak away for a spicy lunch time activity

I’m not saying a date with your vibrator during your WFH lunchtime will solve all your problems but it will solve at least one of them. 


9. Clean your bedroom 

Then FaceTime your mum to show her how clean it is and revel off the praise she gives you for the rest of the day.


10. Try pleasure mapping 

It's so important (and helpful) to explore your body’s erogenous zones. Light some candles, pop some lingerie on -  or nothing at all - and start to lightly touch areas of your body. Start at the top of your head and work your way down. You might be surprised at what feels good. 


11. Do a face mask 

If sunblock on your face day in and day out also makes you feel like a 2 out of 10, treat yourself to a face mask before bed.


12. Drink some water 

Be a hoe for some H2O, a H2hoe if you will. 


13. Step out of your comfort zone

Big or small, it doesn’t matter. The point is to go do something you’ve always wanted to do but perhaps never had the confidence to go through with. Go get your nails professionally done, jump out of a plane, wear a bikini to the beach.


14. Treat yo self 

You know what I’m going to say…. Tiff, Missy, Cleanies or Juicee. Treat yourself today, for a hella exciting trip to the mailbox tomorrow. 


- By Lillie Rohan



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