*Please note girls, we're not sexual health professionals. All self-pleasure answers come from our own experience.

Why is it called GIRLS get off? Are you not allies of LBGTQA+ community?

Anyone who wants to enjoy the Missy Mini, can enjoy the Missy Mini. You do you boo!

However - in answer to why our name is Girls Get Off - we started this business to change the conversation around girls getting off. ‘Girls’ because that’s what we are as founders and because that’s what we have experienced a stigma around. With a name and products that blatantly embrace female sexuality and self pleasure we’re removing that stigma.

Will my Bank Statement give me away?

Nope! We keep your purchase between us by using 'health vibes' on your statement.

What about males?

Don’t know about you but we’ve grown up in a society where male orgasms are the hero. In porn, in jokes, in pop culture. The same goes with male masturbation - it’s expected and normalised - but for some reasons female mastie is treated like it’s taboo. We created GGO as a way to switch the focus and normalise the fact that girls get off too. That’s why we’re for females - because they are our mission.

Can I share Missy Mini?

We wouldn’t recommend sharing your Missy Mini per-say, but if you’re talking about using it while you enjoy some two plus person fun, go for it!

What kind of battery will I need?

Missy Mini is USB chargeable, so you don't need anything!

Are GGO products safe?

Yes girl! We test them on ourselves, our friends, our colleagues (not the products we sell obvs, individual test products) to make sure they’re safe and orgasm inducing. 

All materials and ingredients used are for this exact purpose. 

For specific ingredients and material breakdowns of each product please look at their individual product descriptions.

If I’m not happy with my Missy Mini, can I return it?

We’d rather you didn’t! Hygiene purposes and all. 

Although we think this is super unlikely that you won’t be happy with Missy (Missy has been rated ‘the most likely product to break your leg from an orgasm’ by us), or that you won’t enjoy orgasms on tap, you can contact us at jellylegs@girlsgetoff.co.nz if you’re not happy with your purchase.

Will my husband/boyf/other half/lover know I’ve bought Missy Mini?

Not unless you want them to!

We have the option when you 'add to cart' to ship our products in discreet packaging that looks like some other luxury purchase. Our sender info doesn't even say it's from Girls Get Off.

And no, we don’t write ‘sex toy’ in the product description if that’s what you’re worried about (although if you don't choose the discreet option for packaging at the checkout that's what you'll get 😉).

Do be warned though, your happy mood and jelly legs might give you away.

What's the difference between a clit vacuum and a clit vibrator?

Good question, girl! So a clitoral vacuum (which is what Missy Mini is) is meant to feel similar to oral sex (yassss) by stimulating your clitoris internally and externally. Which means a stronger and better 0rgasm. Whereas a clitoral vibrator just provides vibrations to your external clitoris, which is more single-gasm territory rather than the triples Missy Mini creates.

How different is this to the Satisfyer Pro?

The key differences between Missy Mini and the Satisfyer Pro are size, SP is a lot bigger both in overall size and suction hole. Being petite comes with its benefits - something one of our influencers found out. "Missy Mini didn't get in the way when I tried her with a partner, whereas being so bulky the Satisfyer did."

Missy Mini is a lot quieter and more discrete too, making her all 'round less intimidating for anyone who are easing into toys, as well as more convenient for those who are adding her to their stash.

I don't masturbate. Is that bad?

Oh girl, it's not bad. You don't *have* to masturbate if that's not something you're into. But if the reason you're not doing it because of the social stigma we've grown up with, then maybe it's worth exploring. 
That's why we created Girls Get Off - to help remove that stigma and make self-pleasure just that, pleasurable, rather than something you overthink or feel bad for.

How long does the Missy Mini take to charge?

She takes about 2 hours to charge. To make sure you keep her battery as happy as possible, we have a few extra tips. Don't leave her on the charger for more than 24 hours, and don't let her get to completely empty. Both of these can lessen any rechargeable battery life, and we KNOW you want to keep your Missy Mini in fun-ready .

Do you have tips for how to orgasm?

Before we get started with this question we just want to let you know that about 10% of women have never ridden the O train - so you're not alone if you're in that group. A good place to start is by exploring what feels good without the pressure of an orgasm - have some fun with the goal of working out what feels good to you, rather than of having to get off. 

If you find this is an issue you can't get passed, there are so many amazing professionals in this space and we recommend working with one.