30-Day Sex Challenge

30-Day Sex Challenge

Are you ready for 30 days of spice? 

This is your chance to explore, reconnect, and have some serious fun with your partner. Remember, the key ingredients are open-mindedness, zero judgement, and a whole lotta lols.

Don't worry if you need a breather or a challenge just isn't your vibe – this is all about getting closer and having fun, so skip what doesn't fit and embrace the wild ride!

Let's go!

  1. Start a 20-minute timer, lie back and relax while your partner pleasures you without any penetration. When the timer ends, return the favour. Feel free to add accessories of your choice eg. massage oil, or toys.
  2. Shower or bath sex. Use water-based lube (not soap or water), and be careful of oil or silicone lubricants in the shower as this can make the floor slippery.
  3. What’s the wettest/hardest you remember being? Write it down and share it with each other.
  4. Try Polly. Run her all over yours and your partner’s bodies, and try these hot spots with light and firm pressure to see what you like:  
    - Nipples
    - Inner thighs
    - Labia
    - Vaginal opening
    - Gooch
    - Behind and sides of balls
    - Base of penis
    - Frenulum
  5. Mutual masturbation. Sit facing each other or lie next to each other but don’t touch each other! Use whatever accessories you like. Bonus: Talk about what you like the look of, and what you like the feeling of.
  6. Share a fantasy via text
  7. Only foreplay before 8 PM 
  8. Find your love languages! Take the quiz and listen to the 5 Love Languages podcast episode with Emily Writes.
  9. Slow sex. Do it at 30% of your usual speed
  10. Try Missy, our best-selling external clitoral vibrator during sex. Try her on nipples, and on or around the clit.
  11. Watch Buttplay for Beginners in our Facebook group (it’s the featured video at the top of the group from 6th Oct ‘21 with Morgan Penn) or check out the written version here. Put your new skills to use!
  12. Use a toy of your choice
  13. Be naked in front of each other and take turns to say 5 things that you like about the other person
  14. Edging. Bring your partner close to orgasm and then stop/change what you’re doing so that the intensity drops. Rinse and repeat 5x before either allowing them to orgasm or swapping roles.
  15. Send a dirty pic randomly throughout the day
  16. Flip a coin to see who’s the ‘Dom’. The dom takes charge and leads the play/sex. While they’re leading, it’s also the Dom’s job to ensure their sub (the other person) feels safe and secure. Pick a safeword in case either person needs to tap out, bonus points for experimenting with restraints or blindfolds (a tie from your closest works wonders here)
  17. Shop for sex toys together. Pick one each.
  18. Massage time. Set a 30-minute timer and massage your partner without touching their genitals. Swap! Use oil and make sure you put towels down if you’re on a bed to prevent any stains. If you want some massage tips check out @denismerkas on instagram
  19. Role Play via text
  20. Choose porn for each other to watch separately and without touching yourself. Come back together and have sex afterwards. Check out ethical porn sites like Bellesa and Make Love not Porn
  21. Complete the YES, NO, MAYBE List
  22. Try sex with a booty plug, for both partners (make sure you’ve seen the Buttplay for Beginners content above first!)
  23. Do something for your partner's love language
  24. Read erotica to each other. Sites like Literotica and Lush Stories for tons of free content and short stories
  25. Eye gazing. Get comfortable either sitting cross-legged or lying down opposite each other. Set a timer for 5min and look softly into each other's eyes. Be open and non-judgmental of any emotions that might arise, see if you can naturally allow your breathing to fall into sync with each other, and if you feel yourself touching each other let it be feather-like and not necessarily sexual eg. tracing your partner's face, jawline, holding their hand.
  26. Oral sex only
  27. Write out your wildest fantasy. Who would you be with? Where would you be? What would you be doing? Share and exchange with your partner
  28. Pleasure mapping. Lie on your bed and have your partner (slowly) work their way from your toes all the way to your head using their fingers, nails, light touch, more pressure, oil, tongue, a feather, and anything else you can think of. Let them know what feels good by giving it a score out of 10, and leave no inch of your body untouched. Switch places and repeat!
  29. Watch Squirting 101 in the Girls Get Off Uncensored Facebook Group. It’s one of the Featured videos posted to the top of the group from 27 Oct 2021 with Sexologist Morgan Penn. We’d recommend watching the video for the full experience, but if you’re short on time you can see the written version of how to squirt on our blog. 
  30. Sexting. Send a random txt to your partner during the day. Here’s some sexting inspo if you get stuck:
    • Share your desires ‘I really want to.. ’ ‘I can’t wait to….’ ‘I’m dying to… right now’
    • Talk about how you’re feeling in the moment ‘I’m so wet thinking about….’ ‘I’m so distracted at work, all I can think about is you…’
    • Be specific about what you want ‘I want you to shower with me tonight so I can get you all soapy, run my hands all over your body, kiss your neck, and tease your cock slowly with my fingers until you’re nice and hard’
    Bring up something sexy you’ve both done in the past together ‘I can’t stop thinking about the way you licked my puss before dinner on our anniversary’

Congratulations! You’ve finished the challenge!

Let us know how you found it by posting in our Facebook Group, Girls Get Off Uncensored, or send us a DM on Instagram, @girlsgetoff




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