How To Do The 30 Day Sex Challenge

How To Do The 30 Day Sex Challenge

No nut November has snuck up on us faster than a two-day hangover in your late 20s but never fear, you lusty queens. 

There is only one way to say sayonara to the pesky quest at the end of the month, and it's with the complete opposite. 

*Drum roll please* 

The time has come for us to discuss the 30-day sex challenge. 

If you're feeling a little disconnected from your partner, want to spice things up in the boudoir or feel like your ass just won't quit, this could be the challenge for you. 

Having first gone viral on Reddit and now TikTok, the whole point of the steamy challenge is to "push your comfort zone and try something new". 

But truth be told, queens, my vagina hurts just thinking about 30 straight days of sexual activities. 

So before going full steam ahead, you simply must ensure you and your partner keep the lines of comms open and only partake in what feels good for both of you. 

For example, if the Kama Sutra isn't your vibe, never fear. Swap it for some snuggles instead.

It's your challenge, baby, I'm just spreading the word. So hasta la vista and enjoy those bumpy cuddles.  


30 day sex challenge guide:

Day 1: Have sex at a time other than before bed 

Day 2: Try a new sex position

Day 3: Have sex twice in a day

Day 4: Read erotica together before sex

Day 5: Shower sex 

Day 6: Full body massage before sex

Day 7: Quickie - 10 mins or less

Day 8: Road trip and car sex

Day 9: Sex while seated on a chair or sofa

Day 10: Sensual oil massage before sex

Day 11: Oral sex only

Day 12: One partner dominates

Day 13: Bring your partner to orgasm (no intercourse)

Day 14: Find a new place in the house for sex

Day 15: Masturbate in front of each other

Day 16: Advanced level Kama Sutra

Day 17: Use sex toys

Day 18: Watch porn together

Day 19: Sex without intercourse

Day 20: Share fantasies by email

Day 21: Visit a sex store together (or shop online)

Day 22: Your partner brings you to orgasm - no intercourse. Hands, mouth and toys only

Day 23: Take a breather… Enjoy a night of just sex

Day 24: Sex game - Dice, spinner or ap

Day 25: Slow it down sex

Day 26: Let your partner dominate 

Day 27: Dinner out with under the table touching

Day 28: Multiple orgasm day

Day 29: Flip a coin to pick a dominant

Day 30: Stay up all night having sex


- By Lillie Rohan.

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