The Secret To An O Worthy Nude

The Secret To An O Worthy Nude
This column is an extract from A Girls Guide to Getting Off

A wise person on Twitter once said, two things can be true at once.

In this case those two things are: one, taking nudes is bold and empowering. And two, taking nudes can be confronting and a little bit scary. 

Especially when you are sending them to someone.  

I have no advice for the second thing because one time I sent nudes, they earned a simple, one worded “cool” in response and it made me instantly want to control alt delete the entire situation.

But the first thing? Oh girl, I am so onboard with the first thing. 

The thing about nudes is plenty of people think taking nudes and sending them to your boo thang are mutually exclusive. 

I disagree. Taking nudes doesn’t have to include pressing send. 

In fact the best saucy pics (in my opinion) are the ones you take for yourself and store in the “hidden” album on your iPhone. 

But be warned, this may cause a menty b later when you show your mum a pic on your phone and she goes rogue with the old swipe swipe. 

Sure, it’s highly unlikely she will find the hidden folder, but us over thinkers will consider the option anyway. 

I digress. 

If you don’t believe nudes can be your own form of self loving, whether it’s innocent or spicy, at least believe the absolute legend who confessed on GGO’s Sunday confessions that she got off looking at her own nudes. 

And then keep reading because here is the GGO guide to taking a legendary nude: 

Whether you’re going for the tasteful, the fast and dirty or the full frontal nude, first things first, proceed with caution because you are going to look bomb. 

If you’re sending them to your partner, before hitting send on any NSFW content, make sure you have that “hey, are you ok if I send you a nude” chat first.

And if you’d prefer to keep those saucy pics for your eyes only, it's full steam ahead, baby.

Now, what’s the secret to taking a good nude?

  1. Get in the mood - there is no point doing this if you aren’t going to at least think about getting off to your own pics 
  2. Set boundaries - do you want your face in it? What part of your body are you going to send? 
  3. Lighting - try a soft light like a lamp or fairy lights for a more sensual look
  4. Send a flirty pic - think you naked with your bedsheets covering you or still in your towel post shower
  5. Get more adventurous if you feel comfortable - show a bit more skin if you and your partner are enjoying yourselves
  6. Don’t limit yourself to selfies - the self timer works just as well
  7. Facetime - this is where you can transition into phone sex 

 For more content like this, make sure to pick up a copy of GGO’s new book, A Girl’s Guide to Getting Off. 


- By Lillie Rohan. 



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