Tips for Using Tiff

Tips for Using Tiff

Girl, if there is a duo we can’t help but love, it’s you and Tiff. She’s so fab you probably want to dive right in, so to make the most of her talents, here are some tips you’ll love more than the moment Tiff landed in your mail box.


The warm-up:

  1. Before Tiff and your Queen V meet and inevitably become besties, you've got to warm up, girl - and no, we aren't talking about a warm shower; we are talking foreplay. Tiff isn’t designed to slip right in, so warm up in whichever way you find most enjoyable before the big introduction. 

  2. To ensure both Tiff and your Queen V have a toe-tingling time, make sure to use Juicee (or another water-based lube) when playing.



  1. It's a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to playing with Tiff. Start by gently moving her internal arm in and out of the opening of your Queen V. Alternatively, place her internal arm on the opening of your Queen V, your vulva, and your inner thighs, and enjoy the vibrating sensations until you feel comfortable enough to insert. 

  2. When we created Tiff, we said tips, tricks, and toe-tingles, so of course, she stretches out fully straight. She's basically 3 toys in 1. Use her internal arm, her external, or both at the same time, but if you're playing exclusively external, stretch out Tiff and lay her internal arm on your belly or across your upper thigh with her external pulsing arm on your clit, or place her internal vibrating arm under your booty with the external pulsing arm on your clit and play that way.

  3. If you are playing with Tiff’s internal and external arm, once she’s inside you, bring your legs together and enjoy the feelings she gives your vulva and inner thighs. 

  4. Or, lie on your front with one hand on Tiff. From here, move your hips up and down, allowing the internal arm to experiment with different depths to find your G-spot. Experiment with grinding on the external pulsing arm too!


Rest, relax, and recover:

  1. You thought you were done with the big-O? No way, girl, clean up is essential, and lucky for you, we've got it sorted. Simply unwrap a Cleanies, or use a damp warm towel or cloth and give your Queen V a freshen up. 

  2. Next, grab our toy cleaner, After Banger - or any clean cloth and warm water, and tidy up Tiff so she’s ready for round two.

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